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Cointiply Program Guide & Discussion

Cointiply is one of our premier free earning programs here at Paid Daily Club. Once you've signed up through our member's area here you'll need to click the Cointiply link on the paid daily programs page in your members area everyday to earn.

Numerous Easy Ways To Earn At Cointiply

Rolling The Faucet

Once you're logged in hover over the $Earn Coins tab at the top of your dashboard. A drop down menu will appear with earning options. Click on the Roll The Faucet. Simply complete the captcha and roll! You can do this every 60 minutes anytime you want to win free bitcoin.

Viewing PTC Ads

Hover the tab again and choose PTC Ads this time. On that page choose the highest paying ads first. It'll open a new tab, simply wait until the timer on the page you clicked the ad from shows a confirmation image to click to claim your bitcoin. Quick Tip: Don't get distracted with the ptc ads joining every new site you see. It'll just distract you from your real goal which is to follow your Paid Daily Club system.

Taking Paid Surveys

From the earning tab choose Complete Surveys. Once it loads you'll see several survey options. I personally like Theorem Reach. If you click it, you'll see numerous surveys with the reward and time it takes to complete. Obviouly you want to choose the highest paying with the lowest time to complete. You won't qualify for all surveys, but don't be discouraged, just go to another until you find one that accepts you. Some surveys pay many 1000s of coins, so spend at least 15 minutes a day here if not longer!

Daily Loyalty Bonus

Rolling the faucet everyday earns you a daily loyalty bonus. It grows 1% everyday to a maximum which will double your faucet earnings so be sure to login and roll the faucet every single day! Over time this bonus will really add up.

Referring New Members

Now we come to one of the most important aspects of earning online. When you refer a new member to Cointiply using your Paid Daily Club referral link you'll earn 25% of their faucet claims and 10% of all their ptc, surveys etc. This can get to be really huge! All you need to do is share your Paid Daily Club referral link with our unique free traffic generating system and watch your referrals grow.

Paid Daily Club Cointiply Discussion Forum

Add your questions and or comments below. I'll be adding a video tutorial in your members area to show you exactly how to navigate through the Cointiply member's area, so look for it in the Paid Daily Club member's area. Not a member yet? Join Here