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Paid Daily Club Nutritional Products & Affiliate Program Reviews

LiveGood Nutritional Products & Affiliate Program Review

LiveGood is a nutritional supplement company based in Jupiter Florida that burst onto the scene in the latter part of 2022. Their focus is providing the best nutritional supplements available anywhere at low buyers club prices. Their affiliate program is based primarily on the sale of buyers club memberships which are just $9.95 per month.

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First let's talk about their product line up, and then I'll detail how the affiliate program works for you. Being extremely familiar with nutritional supplements I immediately found LiveGood to be of personal interest. I've been taking upwards of a dozen supplements a day for several years now to reduce the inflammation that causes my severe persistent asthma. After years of research, I've found not only is this effective, if you take the right supplements, but my energy level has increased enabling me to exercise more which is also restoring lung function.

livegood nutritional productsTwo things initially caught my attention about the LiveGood products. One is the Super Greens and Super Reds ingredients were organic, (as an example) meaning their beneficial nutrients were far superior to non-organic products. And #2, they line item each ingredients quantity in their propreitary blend.

This is significant compared to other similar products. Many you will find simply have a list of their ingredients as a propreitary blend, but you have no idea how much of each is in the product. The reason is the first few ingredients which are less beneficial are likely 90 plus % of the product you are paying for. (the cheap ones are the worst culprits of this)

There are links to the specific LiveGood products in the menu of this page as well as images linking the products general page. I'll get into detailed analysis of each product on pages here as time allows, as well as new products the company is bound to release. For now, let's turn to the affiliate program.

LiveGood Affiliate Program Details

What first struck me about LiveGood's affiliate program is that it is completely different than most of the network marketing programs I've seen online over the last 20 years or so. First is not only are the products the company produces priced so low, but there is no mandatory auto-ship to maintain your membership like all the others I'm used to seeing. Plus the affiliate program fee is a low one-time payment of just $40 and your in for life.

Yeah I know, I'm bragging this up quite a bit for a review. Ok, so let's touch on the aspects that might be a bit confusing to some members. If you're not familiar with affiliate marketing, the compensation plan, (ie how & why you earn money) might be a bit complicated to some. But actually it's really pretty simple, there are 6 ways to get paid.

  • 1. Fast Start Commissions
  • 2. Matrix Commissions
  • 3. Matching Bonuses
  • 4. Retail Commissions
  • 5. Influencer Bonuses
  • 6. Diamond Bonus Pool

1. The weekly fast start commission is 50% of anyone you refers $9.95 membership & $40 affiliate fee which equals $25 for each one you enroll. So with just 2 referrals you've already recouped your lifetime affiliate fee and then some. People will stick with this program for the great products and their prices, but also since the affiliate fee is lifetime.

livegood matrix commissionsThe matrix commission is where it really gets interesting. Even without referring anyone as a member and affiliate you are entitled to 2.5% of all the members who joined after you in the matrix of their enroller down 12 levels. All percentages are based on monthly $9.95 membership fees.

The more people you invite that enroll, the more levels of matrix commissions you are eligible for down to a maximum of 15 levels. (see chart to the right) Now, what's also interesting is that as the matrix fills, your's may fill from those who were enrolled by someone above you in the matrix, as they have to be placed under existing members. But wait, there's more!

livegood matching bonus 3. Matching bonuses are calculated at 50% of your direct referrals matrix commissions. For example, if you have 2 referrals each making $500 in monthly commissions you get a matching bonus of $250 for each of them for a total of an extra $500 added to your matrix commissions.

Matrix Commissions and Matching Bonuses are paid Monthly the first week of each month for the previous month's Matrix volume. Ok, you might be thinking, is this legit? Of course it is, it's no different than say Avon, Amway, Herbalife, and countless other multi-level marketing companies that've been around for decades. The difference is LiveGood doesn't charge an arm and a leg for the products! It's simply based on the popular buyers club model much like Costco and Sam's Club. (this is the future for network marketing)

To finish up with 4, 5 & 6 the retail commissions are if someone just wants to try the product at full retail and not become a member. You would get 50% of the difference between member price and retail. The influencer bonuses are much the same only the percentage escalates depending upon volume. Last the diamond pool is for the highest level of membership, 2% of the total sales of all membership and product sales gets divided evenly between all qualified Diamond ranked affiliates and paid out with monthly commissions.

LiveGood Affiliate Program Review Summary

Watch the video and you will see this company means business. With this business model and the quality of the product at such an affordable price I see no reason to give this product and opportunity nothing but a whole hearted 5 star rating.

Click Here to reserve your free spot or to join straight away. Once you do, post a comment with your user name in the forum below and we'll add you to our rotator link to help you get your first referrals.

LiveGood Frequently Asked Questions

Question What are the membership levels and how do you move up in them?

Must have 2 personally enrolled active members.
Must have 10 personally enrolled active members or 3 separate enroller tree legs each with a Bronze ranked Affiliate, plus a total of 20 active members in your team.
Must have 30 personally enrolled active members or 3 separate enroller tree legs with a Silver ranked Affiliate, plus a total of 100 active members in your team.
Must have 100 personally enrolled active members or 3 separate enroller tree legs with a Gold ranked Affiliate, plus a total of 500 active members in your team.
Must have 3 separate enroller tree legs with a Platinum ranked Affiliate, plus a total of 2,500 active members in your team.

*Active members are members who placed an order for the current month.

LiveGood Question & Answer Forum

Ask any questions you still have and I or a member of my team will be happy to answer them for you. We have many resources you can use for free to help you earn some extra money each month all while improving your health and well being.

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